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Music Appreciation


The Ultimate goal of Music Appreciation & Theory is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard in a composition. Music Appreciation & Theory ideally is learned together with the music being played. Students will explore music's various functionalities in order to gain a deeper understanding  of music literacy and core music elements like melody, rhythm, harmony, form and texture.  

Music Sheets
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We strive to create the perfect learning experience, whether virtual or in-person, for all our students.  With over 35 years of professional experience, our faculty is dedicated to customizing your experience and interests by listening to your personal goals and assisting you in achieving them.  Our instructors are passionate about creating a fun, engaging environment where we focus on core principles and incorporate music that you will enjoy.  

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We offer a range of classes and courses for all levels and interests and bring a wealth of experience to the classroom enabling students to gain a solid understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.  Our goal is to primarily to teach students, but also to make sure they have fun in a pressure-free, judgement-free environment. Whether you’re looking to learn on your own, or are interested in joining with others, please explore the options available.

Online Class


Our virtual lessons brings the opportunity for the student to discover music and begin learning in their own home.  Connecting with the teacher via livestream twice a week, students can expect to learn the same skills as if they were physically in the classroom.  Our virtual voice lessons are offered to students age 6yrs and up exploring a variety of genres.  Beginners will learn the fundamentals from posture, correct breath management, vocalization and much more.